Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Hair Secrets

Without sounding cliche, people always ask me how I do my hair and what products do I use. And I always think the same when I see someone who's hair I love. But no matter what blogs I look on they never seem to give a straight forward, step by step guide on how to re-create a hair style. Therefore, i've done my own for you.  First I will show you which products I use, then I will do a step by step guide on how to get my style hair.
Aussie is first up on my hair care products list and the best thing about it is - you get SO much for your money - talk about quality AND quantity! Something that really excited me was that Aussie have created a new bottle of XXL Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner which comes in a 500ml bottle at just £5.99.

As my hair is so long, it tends the split really easily and break off if I don't care for it properly. Around two years ago I came across Aussie's '3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Conditioning Treatment', so I gave it a try. It was without a doubt the best deep conditioning treatment I have ever used! It really makes my long hair stronger, softer and the smell is to-die-for. I've even told all my friends to buy it. Only retailing at £4.99 - its a hair must have

My top tip is to use a scalp brush when the conditioner is on your hair. It really gets the knots out of the hair whilst the hair is wet and soft, therefore wont hurt as much. Plus it leaves your hair recognizably more soft and knot free. Buy them from any beauty store for a couple of pounds.

My biggest hair secret is Moroccan Oil! It comes from Argan Trees that grow in Morocco, Africa. Which are known for withstanding blistering heat and have life saving medicine properties. The best thing about it is that its alcohol free, so it wont dry out the hair and will prevent any split ends! Its the miracle product which every woman should own to give you envious, glossy hair. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should go out and buy it now! It retails around £30 per 100ml (however, as my mum owns a hair salon I just borrow hers). 

This is a finishing spray which will give the hair long lasting shine. It has that gorgeous Moroccan Oil smell, its light, easy to use and makes my hair shine all day and night long! Plus, its UV protective. So you're on to a winner

You wouldn't think the hair brush you use would make such a big difference to your hair - but now I have tried these brushes, I wouldn't use any other brush. The big Barrel brush adds volume and big, bouncy curls whilst hairdrying. Whereas, the Paddle brush is great for smoothing through your curls. Each brush retails around £15.

 The brand new Parlux 3800 Eco Hairdryer is a professional hairdryer which top salons use (including my mums).  It very light to hold but extremely powerful, the best hairdryer I have used. As I have such long, thick hair, it usually takes me hours to dry my hair. But with the Parlux 3800, it takes around 20 minutes. It may retail at £79.95, however as it dries you're hair 10X quicker it means you can have that bit longer spent in bed in the mornings.
I use these professional Corioliss C2 Titanium Straighteners when styling my hair. They are great not only for straightening but also curling, whether you want tight ringlets, loose barrel curls or calm waves in your hair. The titanium plates can create any look you want. Also, it has a digital temperature gage, so you can control the temperature you want to style your hair at. Retailing at £104

To finish off, hairspray. I swear by Elnett as I always seem to go back to it. It may of been around for years, but why fix it if its not broken? Plus it doesn't leave a residue and that rock-hard texture on your hair, so you can easily brush through it.  Retails at £5.99 for a 400ml can

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  1. I use the exact same hair dryer at work! I love it! When I got it though, I thought it was gonna be more pink! Lol nice post :) x