Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Manuka Doctor - Bee Venom

Manuka Doctor - Bee Venom 

Why i’m going to Holland & Barrett (as soon as I save up) to buy Bee Venom!  


I’m having a big sort out of my products today and I came across Manuka Doctor - Bee Venom, when searching for new skin care products that I would like to try. This first stood out to me for its main ingredient (bee venom). As its natural, meaning no harsh chemicals that will irritate your skin and cause break outs. I have heard of Manuka products before, as for years Manuka Honey has been used as medicine. However, I have never heard of the Bee Venom products. Since the nations Princess, Kate Middleton announced she uses Bee Venom products, it has become the new craze! Also, other celebrities who use this are Victoria Beckham and brand ambassador of the range - Millie Mackintosh! Known for her healthy, radiant skin, she has un-doubtingly the most enviable skin around!


“As a make-up artist I come across so many products and brands - I also get sent a lot of products to try - my absolute favourite at the moment is Manuka Doctor. I really like their ApiClear range. The Foaming Cleanser, Skin Treatment Serum and Moisturising Lotion are all really good for balancing troubled skin.”

Millie Mackintosh The Manuka Doctor Bee Venom range, available at Holland and Barrett. The products on my list include:

  • The Foaming Cleanser - £16.99 
  •  Skin Treatment Serum - £18.99 
  •  Moisturising Lotion - £16.99 
  •  Facial Toner - £16.99 
Available at

 They may not be the cheapest products around, but if the high street range is fit for a Princess then its fit for us!

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