Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to get my hairstyle

I've created a step by step on how to get the hairstyle of your favourite celebs, like Laurens Conrad, Kims Kardashian and Cheryl. They all have the hair I try and re-create, so I have nearly mastered it and i'm going to share it with you.
(If you want to add lots of volume to the hair follow these three steps first) 
  • Starting at the bottom and working your way up, section off the hair.
  • Take each section and backcomb the roots (underneath and on top). Repeat until entire head is done
  • Make sure you hairspray the roots on each section
  • Get either a curling tongs or use a straighteners to curl small sections of the hair all over
  • Hairspray each curl as you go along
  • Then using either a Bristle or Paddle brush (I use the Moroccan Oil Paddle Brush). Brush the curls through
  • To stop it frizzing, straight after smoothly run your hands through the hair
*top tip - if you are wanting to add a lot more volume AND length to the hair. Then clip-in hair extensions are the best way to do it. Personally I prefer to not wear extensions as it can weaken the hair, however I sometimes like to wear them when wanting to make an impact. I get mine from

Below are a few pictures of my hair, they arn't the best quality pictures and don't show my hair off that well. But you get an idea.

In this picture I am wearing 2 sets of clip in hair extensions. 

This is not the best quality picture, but I am not wearing any hair extensions. 

  (Left) My hair is looking quite glossy as I had been putting a small amount of moroccan oil on my hair at night time. It is also my natural, darker colour. Whereas above, my hair is a little lighter.

  (Right) This was on my 18th birthday last July. Again, natural hair colour, no hair extensions and I followed my seven easy steps to get that hairstyle.

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