Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Birthday Wishes

This post isn't all about beauty, but I want to share with you what i'm planning for my 19th birthday as its in 3 weeks, so it's fair to say i'm getting a little excited! I know its the limbo birthday between you're 18th and 21st but i'm going to make it a big one to celebrate being my last year as a teen. I'm not only excited for the cake and prezzies but I get to spend a few days with my favourite people (Inlcuding the SATCG's). My plan is to have everyone round to mine the Saturday before my birthday, have holiday cocktails like Sex On The Beach, Pina Colada's and pink champs in the garden (I want to re-create last years holiday to Kos so hopefully it will be sunny.. but probably will be raining as its Britain) then a pub crawl throughout the day and end up very drunk in a club somewhere. My actual birthday I just want to have a relaxing day in town with my fave girls, pampering, shopping, eating Nandos and getting a bit tipsy!

A few pics of what I would love for my birthday this year...

Sex on the Beach punch with sparklers and crushed ice - I'm gonna do this! (Just wish Lowri was here for my birthday)

Lowri, Hat, Harriet and I, last year in Kos

My 18th Birthday in my garden - the best night ever!

A few prezzies I would like pretty please...

MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation - Colour NW30

MAC Cream Colour Base - Colour Improper Copper

MAC Lustre Drops - Colour Sunrush (cannot wait to try this)
IB104 Fan Brush - Crownbrush UK - Use this brush when applying MAC Lustre Drops to highlight the cheekbones

IB106 Angle Blush/Bronzing Brush - Crownbrush UK

IB116 Crease Brush - Crownbrush UK

C433 Blending Brush - Crownbrush UK (similar to the 217 MAC)

C409 Angle Definer/Liner Brush - Crownbrush UK
C404 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush - Crownbrush UK (similar to MAC 188) - Use this for the foundation in small circle motions
Urban Decay Naked Pallet - Urban Decay - Probably the most reviewed and popular eye shadow pallete I come across when researching

Clarins Natural Lip Tint - Clarins

Eyelash Extensions - Before and After - I really can't wait to have this done for the summer time

A few other things I would like to try/have done on my birthday day out...

I've always wanted to try is the Fish Spa, when tiny toothless fish consume the dead skin on your feet. The first time I saw this was when Mollie King from The Saturdays had it done on 'The Saturdays 24/7'

I drive past a really cute beauty salon called Tootsies, in Shrewsbury that does it, it isn't expensive and it looks really cool. Yet you never get round to trying it. So I am going to!

Ignore the amazing body,Victoria Secret bikini and the stunning location. I actually want the belly button piercing. I have always wanted one but never liked my stomach, but i've lost a little weight and i'm in the mood to get one so I think i'll give it a go


  1. Please note that once I have these products after my birthday, I am going to do a makeup tutorial and video. So keep checking back xo

  2. oooo I like your style

    everything there i want! love love love mac
    i got my belly pierced glad your going for it! :)

    hope you take a peak at my blog

    Gem x

  3. awww thanks doll. glad you like it... we have great taste ;)

    i loveee your blog too! x